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Artist Bios and Artwork are primarily short overviews written by me, Thomas Clement.

There are also longer bios, with by-lines, by the good folks and fans of illustration art.

With your help, I'd like to see the short overviews replaced with the kind of in-depth information found in the longer bios.

American Art Archives scans and text are copyrighted material.
None of it is in the public domain. Click for more info

Samuel Nelson Abbott

Clark Agnew

Richard Amsel

Harry Anderson
By Kent Steine

Rolf Armstrong

Boris Artzybasheff

Matt Baker

Joyce Ballantyne

McClelland Barclay

Walter Baumhofer

Ben-Hur Baz

Thomas Beecham

Michael Berry

W T Benda

Frank Bensing

Earle Bergey

Torre Bevans

Walter Biggs

James Bingham

August Bleser

M L Blumenthal

Hannes Bok
By Mark Radcliffe

Enoch Bolles

Joe Bowler

Pierre Brissaud

Arthur William Brown

Reynold Brown

Gilbert Bundy

E Simms Campbell

Pruett Carter

Howard Chandler Christy

Earl Christy

Matt Clark

Henry Clive

Haskell Coffin

Gil Cohen

Ralph Pallen Coleman

Howard Connolly

Mario Cooper

Charles Copeland

Earl Cordrey

Dean Cornwell

Miguel Covarrubias

Bradshaw Crandell

Will Crawford

Raymond Moureau Crosby

Douglas Crockwell

Floyd Davis

Bernard D'Andrea

Jack Davis

Walter De Maris

Morgan Dennis

Howell Dodd

Stevan Dohanos

Billy De Vorss

Al Dorne

Peter Driben

Harvey Dunn

Ruth Eastman

Gil Elvgren

Merlin Enabnit

Eric / Carl Erickson

Anton Otto Fischer

James Montgomery Flagg

Hans Flato

Charles and Dorothea Fox
By Rebecca Fox Rice

Frank Frazetta

Stan Galli

Edwin Georgi

Frank Godwin
By Mark Radcliffe

Ruth Sigrid Grafstrom

Will Grefé
By Mary Elizabeth Grefe Fox

Elizabeth Shippen Green

J Knowles Hare

Hayden Hayden

Peter Helck

Oliver Herford

Vic Herman
By Richard Strell

Cardwell Higgins

Dal Holcomb

Earl Oliver Hurst

A I Keller
By Sally Howell Matz

Hamilton King

Al Kortner

Mort Künstler

John LaGatta

John Leone

F X Leyendecker

J C Leyendecker

Birney Lettick

Joe Little

Orson Lowell

Mike Ludlow

Angus MacDonall

Robert Maguire
By Thomas J Clement

Lou Marchetti

Lucille Patterson Marsh

Frank McCarthy

Robert McGinnis

John McDermott

Neysa McMein

Norman Mingo

Al Moore

F Luis Mora

Zoë Mozert

K O Munson

Earl Norem

Irving Nurick

Rose O'Neill

Mayo Olmstead

Maxfield Parrish

Robert Patterson

Herbert Paus

Bob Peak

Edward Penfield

Gunnor Petersen

George Petty

Coles Phillips
By Norm Platnick

Scott Pike

Willy Pogany

Walter Popp

Edward Poucher

Ray Prohaska

Howard Pyle

Arthur Rackham

Bill Randall

Frank Reilly
By Kent Steine

José Rivas
By Gene Magallanes Rivas

Jack Rickard

Norman Rockwell

William Rose

Alex Ross

Arthur Sarnoff

Norm Saunders

Mauro Scali

Valentine Sandberg

Harry Schaare

K M Schrum

Robert Schulz

Walter Seaton

Ellen Segner

Dr. Seuss

Lou Shabner

Charles Gates Sheldon

C Clyde Squires

Albert Staehle
By Sharon Damkaer

Paul Stahr

Penrhyn Stanlaws

Frank Street

Arthur Syzk

Victor Tchetchet

Gustav Tenggren

Saul Tepper

Adolph Treidler

Clarence Underwood

Alberto Vargas

E F Ward

Jon Whitcomb

C D Williams

Ren Wicks

Ruskin "Russ" Williams

Fritz Willis

Wally Wood

N C Wyeth

159 artists and counting . . .

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

1 Corinthians 13:11,12

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