F X Leyendecker Frank Xavier Leyendecker F X Leyendecker

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F X Leyendecker (Frank Xavier)
(1876 - 1924)

Considered "the second" or "lesser" Leyendecker, as he was the younger brother of the longer lived and more prolific JC Leyendecker. In reality, FX paved the way for JC in almost every periodical and in every style that JC would master. Dozens of pieces show he was every bit as colorful, creative, entertaining and flamboyant as his older brother, with an impressive catalog including posters, cover art, book plates, advertising, and more. His covers for Vanity Fair, the humor Life, and Vogue are stand-outs. Other covers and story work for Collier's, Saturday Evening Post, Leslie's, McClure's. Ads for Durham Hosiery, Remington Guns, Palmolive, Howard Watches, Willy's Motors.

Preliminary Study, The Ladies' World, "The Honeymoon" (1908) FX Leyendecker - 001A

Hippodrome Souvenir Book (1916) FX Leyendecker - 002

Life, "Birds of a Feather" (1921) FX Leyendecker - 003

Vogure (1915) FX Leyendecker - 004

McClure's Magazine (1911) FX Leyendecker - 005

Life, "A Live Wire" (1922) FX Leyendecker - 006

Collier's, "The Dragon Painter" (1905) FX Leyendecker - 007

Gillette (c. 1910) FX Leyendecker - 008

Life, "The Nectarine" (1921) FX Leyendecker - 009

Palmolive, "Complexions -- Night and Noon" (1921) FX Leyendecker - 010

Football (1909) FX Leyendecker - 011

Saturday Evening Post, "Christmas Number" (1901) FX Leyendecker - 012

Collier's Print, "The Fortune Hunter" (c. 1915) FX Leyendecker - 013

Collier's (1902) FX Leyendecker - 014

Leslie's (1917, 1919) FX Leyendecker - 015

The Ladies' World, "Ten Story Number" (1913) FX Leyendecker - 016

Vanity Fair (December 1915) FX Leyendecker - 017

Success Magazine (191107) FX Leyendecker - 018

Saturday Evening Post (1905) FX Leyendecker - 019
NOTE: This "fade-away" image predates Coles Phillips, Valentine Sandberg, and brother Joseph's use of the device by several years.

Collier's, "The Miracle Club" (1914) FX Leyendecker - 020

Chevrolet Review, "Strength and Service" (1922) FX Leyendecker - 021
NOTE: This was the premier issue. It also appears to have been the last! Each issue was to have had a cover by one of the best illustrators of the day. But it never happened.

Life, "The Rivals" (1922) FX Leyendecker - 022