Frank McCarthy Frank McCarthy

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Frank McCarthy
(1924 - 2002)

From his 20s, art for American Magazine, Collier's, Cosmo, Redbook, Argosy, True, Outdoor Life, Calling All Girls, American Weekly. Ads for Balantine Beer, Goodyear. Covers for Bantam, Signet, Dell, Avon. Many posters, notable for explosive montages for The Dirty Dozen, The Train, The Glory Guys, Once Upon a Time in the West, Around the World Under the Sea, The Ten Commandments; split poster duties with Robert McGinnis on Thunderball (McCarthy handled the action art), You Only Live Twice (ditto) and solo for On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Abandoned commercial art in 1974, moved to Arizona, and became even more successful as a western artist with numerous books, posters, and calendars on these themes.

Oil on Board, unsigned (19??) McCarthy - 001A

Ethyl, "Cars Run Their Best On The Best Gasoline" (1953) McCarthy - 002

Oil on Board (19??) McCarthy - 003A

Fording (1977) McCarthy - 004

They Came To Rob Los Vegas (1968) McCarthy - 005

Berkray, Burt Lancaster (1955) McCarthy - 006

Cosmopolitan (1971) McCarthy - 007

From The Rim (1976) McCarthy - 008

This Property Is Condemned (1966) McCarthy - 009

Thunderball (1965) McCarthy - 010