Miguel Covarrubias Miguel Covarrubias

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Miguel Covarrubias
(1902 - 1957)

Williams was one of the busiest illustrators of the 1940s and '50s. He worked on so many ad campaigns that a single issue of a magazine could feature not one, but several Russ pretty girls. Some of his better-known clients included Sinclair Paint, Scotch tape, Mott's Jelly, Best Form, Mennen, Ivory, Star Razor Blades, Mojud Hosiery. He also did some editorial art for weeklies like Collier's. Russ is the only illustrator I've found who did program covers for two different touring companies: Holiday on Ice and Ice Vogues.

Untitled (192?) Covarrubias - 001A
This is VERY similar to a piece done by Emiliano Di Cavalcanti (who had a similar style to Covarrubias, circa 1929/30). The Di Cavalcanti is known as "Cinco Mozas de Guaratinguet" and is in the collection of the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo Assis Chateuabriand.

Questions: who did it first; was it a study copy or an homage?

Container Corporation of America (1945) Covarrubias - 002

McCall's, "Miguel Covarrubias' Mexico" (1947) Covarrubias - 003

Steinway, "An American In Paris" (1929) Covarrubias - 004

Collier's, "Lest We Forget" (1950) Covarrubias - 005

Carmen Jones (1944) Covarrubias - 006

Collier's, "The Guilty" (1944) Covarrubias - 007

Dole (194?) Covarrubias - 008

DeBeers (1942) Covarrubias - 009

McCall's, "Map Of Good Eating" (1947) Covarrubias - 010

Collier's (1953) Covarrubias - 011

Vogue (1938) Covarrubias - 012

Vanity Fair (1933) Covarrubias - 013

Vanity Fair (193?) Covarrubias - 014