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Enoch Bolles
(1883 - 1976)

Art-Deco pin-up master. Worked exclusively as a cover artist, painting oils for Film Fun, Screen Romances, Stolen Sweets, Gay Book, Judge, Titter, Cupid's Capers, Live Stories, Tattle Tales, Gay Parisienne, and the endless "Stories": Pep, Breezy, Snappy, Bedtime, Spicy. Often did premier issues.

Excellent portraiturist, using the faces (and figures) of young starlets like Myrna Loy, Ida Lupino, etc. Admired by, among others, Alberto Vargas, who has been mistaken for Bolles in one famous and continuing case (see below). Rumor is he died insane. Not true. Suffered a stroke, 1938, and retired to Florida (he was a Florida native). Continued to be published for a number of years.

He liked to take his original pin-ups and add abstract touches. The reasons for these additions are unknown: boredom, experimenting, decreased mental capacity (a stroke can do that to you, but it doesn't make you nuts!), or all three. An interesting note: it's common for artists to collect the work of other artists, even if it's only tear sheets. Some of the scans below were taken from magazines perviously owned by Alberto Vargas, issues that sold astronomically high on eBay.

Special thanks to author, Hiroshi Aramata
and Keith Swearingen for helping with this Bolles page.

Film Fun, "Three To Get Ready" (1941) Bolles - 001

Film Fun, "Time to Start Gazing" (1938) Bolles - 002

Puck, "Channel Bells" (12 June 1915) Bolles - 003

Judge, "When Dreams May Come" (1923) Bolles - 004

Zippo Lighter (the company's first ad), "Windy" (1937) Bolles- 005
Note that in this ad, both his names are misspelled: Enoc Boles not Enoch Bolles. Soon after the first publication, this artwork began to appear without attribution and eventually was mis-attributed to Alberto Vargas. Today, people sell Windy items on eBay and other venues, thinking it's Vargas when it's actually (and obviously from the style) Bolles; I understand that even the Zippo company is confused. As a public service, tell your friends, folks, it's Bolles, not Vargas.

Film Fun, "Make Way for the Siren!" (1934) Bolles - 006

Film Fun, "It's A Gift!" (1929) Bolles - 007

Screen Romances, Greta Garbo (19??) Bolles - 008

America's Humor, "Please Ex-Squeeze Me" (1927) Bolles - 009

Yellowbook No. 83 (1940s) Bolles - 010

Spicy, "Don't Show Everything!" (1929) Bolles - 011

Film Fun, "Bask Me Another" (1942) Bolles - 012

Princess Pat Talc (1924) Bolles - 013

Gay Book, Numer 1 (1936) Bolles - 014

Film Fun (1926) Bolles - 015

Film Fun, "Solider Arms" (1941) Bolles - 016

Film Fun, "The Hottest Thing On The Menu!" (1937) Bolles - 017

Film Fun, "The Man Who Takes The Star Out After The Show" (1923) Bolles - 018

Breezy (1923) Bolles - 019

Film Fun, "Circus Days" (1924) Bolles - 020

Film Fun, "Rio Grande And Glorious!" (1933) Bolles - 021

Film Fun, "Came Summer" (1925) Bolles - 022

Gay Broadway, "Posed By Mistake" (1936) Bolles - 023

Judge, "Help Yourself!" (1924) Bolles - 024

Snappy Stories, "LuLu Unpacks A Scandal" (1926) Bolles - 025

Titter (1943) Bolles - 026

Gay Parisienne (1936) Bolles - 027

Film Fun, "Charmed to Meet You" (1933) Bolles - 028

Film Fun, "Came The Dawn..." (1925) Bolles - 029

Film Fun, "All In Favor Say 'Ah'" (1937) Bolles - 030

Film Fun, "A Red Hot Number" (1935) Bolles - 031

Breezy Stories (1937) Bolles - 032

Film Fun, "Within The Law" (1924) Bolles - 033

Film Fun, "Take It From Me Kid" (1929) Bolles - 034

Gay Book (1934) Bolles - 035

Gay Parisienne, "Maid In France" (1937) Bolles - 036

Judge, "The Complete Angler" (1923) Bolles - 037

Film Fun, "Especially For You" (1940) Bolles - 038

Breezy Stories (1945) Bolles - 039

Gay Parisienne (1938) Bolles - 040

Judge, "A Gulf Streamline Model" (1927) Bolles - 041