Adolph Treidler Adolph Treidler

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Adolph Treidler
(1886 - 1981)

Posters for both World Wars (about 20). Long tenure painting for Pierce Arrow. He wrote in Automobile Quarterly, 1976, "My days with Pierce-Arrow spoiled me. Never once during my long association with the company did Pierce-Arrow return one of my paintings for changes or corrections. They were always pleased -- and I of course was delighted." A risky trip to Paris during the Depression led to the French Line account which, in turn, helped him get hired by the Bermuda Board of Trade in the 30s for campaigns and posters that put Bermuda on the tourist map (posters reprinted in the 1990s). Covers for most major magazines of the day (Collier's, Century, Scribner's, Woman's Home Companion, Saturday Evening Post, Harper's Weekly).

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French Line, Paris Puts to Sea (1935) Treidler - 001

Venice, Travel Study in Watercolor (1950s) Treidler - 002A

Chesterfield, "I can tell that taste in the dark" (1926) Treidler - 003

Vermont, Travel Study in Watercolor (1950s) Treidler - 004A

Bermuda Board of Trade, "There is a Happy Land, Not Far Away" (1930s) Treidler - 005

Spear and Company Patrician Caps, "The Most Expensive Cap" (1918) Treidler - 006

Nude Study (1926) Treidler - 007A

Berry Brother Luxeberry White Enamel, Liquid Granite Floor Polish" (1917) Treidler - 008

New York Central Lines, "New York, The Wonder City of the World" (1927) Treidler - 009

The Digest (1937) Treidler - 010

A and P, "Confidence" (1926) Treidler - 011

Bermuda Board of Trade (1933) Treidler - 012

Automobile Quarterly Photo (1976) Treidler - 013