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Richard Amsel
(1947 - 1985)

Hired for first film poster work (Hello Dolly) while he was still attending art school. In his short life and career, Amsel produced a number of posters, often far better than the movies they depicted, and usually ignored when those films were brought out on DVD (strange, as at least once he was hired to do video art for a 1983 re-release of a classic film: A Star Is Born). In addition to film, Amsel had a strong career as a TV Guide cover artist and did album covers for Bette Midler. Amsel's style was a combination of pulpishness (strong outlines) and the swirling curves of art noveau. He could even do a reasonable (and purposeful) emulation of J C Leyendecker (see The Sting).

Chinatown (1974) - Amsel 001

GQ promotion for The Great Gatsby (1974) - Amsel 002

The Late Show (1977) - Amsel 003

Beyond The Limit (1983) - Amsel 004

Murder On The Orient Express (1974) - Amsel 005

Death On The Nile (teaser) (1978) - Amsel 006

Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1982) - Amsel 007

Lucky Lady (1975) - Amsel 008

The Sting (1974) - Amsel 009

Hello Dolly (1968) - Amsel 010

The Shootist (1976) - Amsel 011
NOTE: I'd like to do an entire series where I show the original poster art and what replaced it on the DVD. For now, I'll just show you the DVD cover for The Shootist beneath Amsel's outstanding original poster. Who decides to throw out such gorgeous art in favor of a boring Photoshop hash?

TV GUide, Miami Vice (1985) - Amsel 012

TV Guide, The Big Three Anchors (1985) - Amsel 013

Formerly The Harlettes (1976) - Amsel 014

The Long Goodbye (1973) - Amsel 015