Stevan Dohanos, Saturday Evening Post Stevan Dohanos, Saturday Evening Post

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Stevan Dohanos
(1907 - 1994)

Along with J C Leyendecker and Norman Rockwell, Dohanos is best remembered as on of the Saturday Evening Post's most prolific and popular cover artists (over 100 covers) as well as much story work for the Post. Murals for numerous Federal Buildings from West Virginia to the Virgin Islands. WWII posters. Postage stamp designs (served on Citizen's Advisory Committee for USPS), Christmas Seal art (he, himself, was afllicted with TB twice). Movie art (White Christmas). Other slick projects included Esquire, Medical Times (many covers). Ads for Caterpillar, Four Roses Whiskey, Maxwell House, Pan Am, Cannon Towels, Olin Industries, John Hancock, etc.

American Magazine (1940) Dohanos - 001A

Dragoon (1947) Dohanos - 002A
NOTE: Unsure what this art was used for, but note the writing and doodle on the back.

Saturday Eveing Post, ""Chains of Fear" (1958) Dohanos - 003
NOTE: Yes, that's a pre-Barney Fife Don Knotts!

Saturday Evening Post (1947) Dohanos - 004

Saturday Evening Post (1944) Dohanos - 005

Saturday Evening Post (1946) Dohanos - 007

Caterpillar Diesel, "Task Begun On Island X" (1943) Dohanos - 008

Caterpillar Diesel, "The Second Wave" (1945) Dohanos - 009

Caterpillar Diesel, "Crash Landing" (1944) Dohanos - 010

Traveler's Insurance, "I'd Live It All Over Again" (1958) Dohanos - 011

PanAm, "America's New Lifeline To Africa" (1941) Dohanos - 012

Gruen, "The X-Ray Machine They Dropped From The Sky" (1944) Dohanos - 013

Esquire, "Homecoming: New York Harbor, Christmas (1945) Dohanos - 014

Gulfpride Oil, "Why Do They Paint Battleships?" (1941) Dohanos - 015

Gulfpride Oil, "Warning: Air Also Rusts Motor Oil?" (1941) Dohanos - 016

Magazine Publishers of America, "If They Win...Only Our Dead Our Free" (1943) Dohanos - 017

Life Savers, "It's No Sale, Lady!" (1944) Dohanos - 018

Old Mr. Boston Dry Gin (1941) Dohanos - 019