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Gillette Elvgren
(1914 - 1980)

Known as "the Norman Rockwell of pin-ups," Elvgen lent is lush oils, well-learned from mentor Haddon Sundblom, to an stream of girl-next-door beauties. Today, he's usually mentioned in the same breath as Vargas and Petty as being the tops in pin-ups (aka Good Girl Art, or GGA), though his playful situations owe more to Driben and Bolles than to Vargas or Petty. Like Sundblom, Elvgren had a successful career in advertising and, to a lesser degree, magazine work. Also like Sundblom, his ad work was usually unsigned, making it difficult -- and sometimes impossible -- to distinguish his work from others of the Sundblom school. Painted for Coke, Schlitz, GE, Pabst, Serta (and possibly other mattress brands), Ford, Studebaker, Quink, and a brief stint after Gunnor Petersen on Ovaltine. His pretty girls also appeared on many billboards, the same image recurited to sell more than one type of product. A resurgent in interest in his work has seen newly printed calendars and as many as three books.

Ankles Away (1943) Elvgren - 001A

A-1 Pilsner (19??) Elvgren - 002

American Meat, "Meat On The Table" (1943) Elvgren - 003

Pabst, "The Right Road" (1938) Elvgren - 004

Coca-Cola, "Play Refreshed" (1948) Elvgren - 005

Calendar, "Nurse's Orders" (1945) Elvgren - 006

Story Art, "Fair Stranger" (19??) Elvgren - 007

Ford, "Sure You'll Be Proud Of It..." (1945) Elvgren - 008

Dr. West's, "Fits Your Mouth Precisely..." (1946) Elvgren - 009

General Electric, "The Truth About Today's Refrigerators!" (1941) Elvgren - 010

General Electric, "She KNows What Freedom Really Means!" (1941) Elvgren - 011
NOTE: A color version wasn't printed, but the painting is shown at left

NAPA Automotive (1976) Elvgren - 012

Now Don't Ask Me "What's Cookin'" (1948) Elvgren - 013

Coca-Cola, "The Pause That Refreshes'" (1939) Elvgren - 014

Ford "You'll Be On The Beam'" (1945) Elvgren - 015

Story Art "Yet Do Not Grieve'" (19??) Elvgren - 016

Swift Quality Foods "Nest'" (1945) Elvgren - 017

Studebaker "Betcha Dad Worked On Those Engines!'" (1943) Elvgren - 018

Schlitz "The Masterpiece'" (1943) Elvgren - 019

Ovaltine "Want Better Results?'" (1945) Elvgren - 020

Schlitz "Reflection Of No Bitterness'" (1943s) Elvgren - 021

Serta (1943) Elvgren - 022

Billboard Ads (could be used for many products) (19??) Elvgren - 023

Ovaltine "The New Way...'" (1945) Elvgren - 024

Quink "Write Your Way To New Success In '47'" (1947) Elvgren - 025

Schlitz "The Highest Note In Beer'" (1942) Elvgren - 026

Quink "Your Letters Brought Me Home Safe!'" (1945) Elvgren - 027

Jill Needs A Jack (1950) Elvgren - 028