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Jack Davis, J
(1926 - )

First job in 1949 for an in-house Coke booklet. Art (and occasional writer) for EC Comics in the 50s (Frontline Combat, Two Fisted Tales, Haunt of Fear, Vault of Horror, Crime Illustrated) leading to a long stint at MAD and Warren Publications (Creepy, Eerie). A precise and versatile illustrator, especially as caricaturist, did stories and covers for Life, Ebony, Time, Esquire, Playboy, True West, Frontier Times, TV Guide, as well as paper and hardback covers. Movie posters for Mad Mad Mad Mad World, The Russians are Coming, Heaven Can Wait, Kelly's Heroes, Bananas, The Producers, The Long Goodbye, The Party, Sergeants 3. Ads for L and M, Mennen, Ford, NBC, A-1, Columbia Records, Purina, Spalding, Nestles, Michelob. Greeting and Bubble-Gum cards, too.

Superbowl XXIII (1993) Davis, J - 001A

Cub Reporter Jim Shepley of the Harrisburg Daily Patriot (???) Davis, J - 002A

Bill Cosby (19??) Davis, J - 003

Esquire, "Yuh have the right to remain silent. If yuh give up the right to remain silent,
anything yuh say can an' will be used against yuh in a court a law. Yuh have the right to an attorney... (1976) Davis, J - 004

Playboy "We've been beatniks for 30 years and nobody though we were anything special." (1962) Davis, J - 005

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) Davis, J - 006

Mad (1952) Davis, J - 007

Chainsaw (???) Davis, J - 008A

Creepy, Premier Issue (1964) Davis, J - 009

Politics Massachusetts Presidential Primary (1976);
Nixon vs Watergate Investigators (early 70s) Davis, J - 010

Gerald and Cullen Rapp, Inc. welcoming Davis, J as client (1986) Davis, J - 011

TV Guide (1974) Davis, J - 012

Tales from the Crypt (1952) Davis, J - 013

Incredible Science Fiction (1955) Davis, J - 014

The Art of Jack Davis, J (1986) Davis, J - 015

Frankenstein novelty poster (19869 Davis, J - 016

Two-Fisted Tales (1953) Davis, J - 017

Yak Yak, Premier Issue (1961) Davis, J - 018

Get Smart (1965) Davis, J - 019