Orson Lowell Orson Lowell

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Orson Lowell
(1871 - 1956)

Best known for his work for the first Life magazine for which he contributed pen and ink cartoons and color covers, he supplied the same talents for American Girl, American Boy, Judge, Century, McClure's, Scribner's, Collier's, Puck, Success, the pulps, and several book assignments. His pen and ink work (and humor) stands with the best of the age.

Life, "The Tempter" (1925) Lowell - 001

Life, "A Word to the Rich" (1910) Lowell - 002

Ladies' Home Journal, In LaFayette's Country: "Monsieur Sammee, play for us your so beautiful 'Star-Spangle Banner'" (1918) Lowell - 003

Life, "8 Belles" (1912) Lowell - 004

Judge, "Isn't this tortoise-shell-rim thing being overdone?" (1917) Lowell - 005

Fatima Turkish Cigarettes, "Men of attainment - the brainy fellows who do things - have a keen sense of quality." (1913) Lowell - 006

Life, Peacock Number: "Reversion to type." (1911) Lowell - 007