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Herbert Paus
(1860 - 1944)

Jim Steranko says Paus' use of color makes him "The Bob Peak of his age," Primarily a watercolorist, Paus used oils on occasion, notably for Hart Shaffner and Marx. He was also expert at pencils and inks. Poster and story artist for The Delineator by 1903, followed with large posters for Bond Bread, The Victor Company, and US Government in WWI. Ad work for Willy's Overland, American Radiator, Hart Schaffner and Marx, A & P, Certain-teed. Covers and interiors for: Pictorial Review, Collier's, Liberty, Ladies' Home Journal, American Magazine, Life, Woman's Home Companion, Popular Science, Country Life, as well as several books.

"I love this guy's work - the way he outlines the figures with a thick black line. Almost makes you wish they'd never invented photography." James Lileks, commenting on an American story illustrated by Paus.

Special thanks to Jeffrey Tynes for providing a 1912 article on Paus.

American Magazine, "The Perfidy of Woman" (1929) Paus - 001A

Willys Knight (1917) Paus - 002

American Radiator Company (1922) Paus - 003

Pictorial Review, "Peace on Earth" (1929) Paus - 004

O'Sullivan's Rubber Heels, "Policemen Have Good Rubber Heels" (1924) Paus - 005

American Magazine, "Riot Call" (19??) Paus - 006

Woman's Home Companion, "The Gentle Sacrifice" (1936) Paus - 007

Lupton Windows of Copper-Steel (1926) Paus - 008

Sunday Magazine (1908) Paus - 009

Sunday Magazine (1910) Paus - 010

Sunday Magazine (1910) Paus - 011

Sunday Magazine (1905) Paus - 012

Sunday Magazine (1907) Paus - 013

Sunday Magazine (1908) Paus - 014

Sunday Magazine (1905) Paus - 015

Original art (19??) Paus - 016A

The text reads, "Resolved That we now know what the New England Pumpkin Pie really means. We swear to uphold its deserved fame at all times and herewith extend heartfelt thanks to M B G." There's a hand-drawn mark near this, "N A Y."

Julie Pretzat Merchant contacted me about the original piece below in 2004, "Hi - I was pleased and surprised to see some of my family's Herbert Paus prints (AAA note, it's not a print) on your web site. The ones with inscriptions to Emmy Wahl were all for my Aunt Emmy, my father's aunt. She married Frederic Shaefer (the other artist mentioned in the one print). They started a printing business in NYC called Tri-Arts Press, which my father eventually inherited. I don't know the meaning of the quote you mentioned. I do know, however, that Tri-Arts put out a Christmas card esch year with an orginal illustration by Paus or Shaefer. They also seemed to have had an annual (at least) party where much revelry occured - there are several of these invitations with great original artwork as well. The quote may be referencing one of these shindigs!

End Papers, "The Wonder of Knowledge" (1930s) Paus - 017
NOTE: this was a 12-volume encyclopedia with individual front cover plates by Paus.

Special thanks to Greg Allikas

National Bicycle Week (1921) Paus - 018

Woman's Home Companion (1930) Paus - 019

Life, "The Fickle Girl" (1922) Paus - 020

Life, "Revolution Number" (1925) Paus - 021

Life, "Eve" (1922) Paus - 022

Life, "Revolution Number" (1930) Paus - 023

The Country Home, "April Fool" (1933) Paus - 024

Study for TylTyl (1914) Paus - 025A

Gulf Oil, "The March Of The Titans" (1934) Paus - 026

Collier's, "America's Greatest Battle" (1918) Paus - 027A

Collier's (1916) Paus - 028

Collier's, "The Willies" (1916) Paus - 029

Collier's (1917) Paus - 030

Collier's (1916) Paus - 031

Collier's, "Switchboard To Berlin" (1916) Paus - 032

Collier's (1916) Paus - 033

Collier's (1917) Paus - 034

Collier's (1917) Paus - 035

Collier's (1916) Paus - 036

Collier's, "Outguessing The U-Boats" (1917) Paus - 037

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