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Dean Cornwell

Nicknamed "The Dean of Illustrators" by his peers. A cartoonist at 18 for Louisville Herald. By 1911 he was in the Chicago Tribune's Art department while studying at the city's Art Institute. In 1915, a student of Harvey Dunn, he in turn taught artists and developed talents for a generation. Oils for Cosmopolitan, Redbook, True, American Weekly, Life, Good Housekeeping. Book art for Man from Galilee and others. Ad contracts for GM, Eastern, Pennsylvania Railroad, Paul Jones Whiskey, Aunt Jemima, Seagram's Gin, Woodbury Soap, Palmolive, Coke, Goodyear, New York Life, Squibb. Excellent muralist after a stay in London with Frank Brangwyn and in 1927 began a five-year period of mural painting in California including the Los Angeles Public Library and the Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands. Other murals: Rockefeller Center, Bethlehem Steel, New York's General Motors Building, 1939 World's Fair.

In 1959, he was inducted into the Society of Illustrator's Hall of Fame. The monograph on Cornwell by Patricia Broder is back in print and well worth purchasing.

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Study (19??) Cornwell - 001A

The Natchez / Lee Paddlewheel Race (1947) Cornwell - 002
NOTE: published in the same year in a Seagram's ad and in an article on Cornwell in True.

American Magazine, "A Man For Cousin Emily" (1942) Cornwell - 003

Two Studies for the Los Angeles Library Murals (1933) Cornwell - 004A

Woodbury Soap (1924) Cornwell - 005

Woodbury Soap (1925) Cornwell - 006

Woodbury Soap (1924) Cornwell - 007

Cosmopolitan, "The Right Ting Is The Kind Thing" (1931) Cornwell - 008

Goodyear, "Not For Glory Nor Yet For Gold" (1944) Cornwell - 009

Saturday Evening Post, "The Dark Fleece" (1918) Cornwell - 010

Pennsylvania Railroad, "Spirit of 1943!" (1943) Cornwell - 011

The Robe, "The Slave Market" (1942) Cornwell - 012

American Magazine, "Star Of The East" (1940) Cornwell - 013

Wyeth, "The Only Patient The Doctor Says 'No' To" (1944) Cornwell - 014

Ivory Soap (1924) Cornwell - 015

Timken Rollerbearing, "Admiral Nimitz Is Banking On You" (1944) Cornwell - 016

American Weekly, Mission San Antonio de Padua (1949) Cornwell - 017

Seagram's, "The Golden Spike" (1948) Cornwell - 018

Heart's International, "The Little Missioner Painted by Dean Cornwell"
and, in the same issue, Cornwell drawn by James Montgomery Flagg,
"A Paintere Who Illustrates And An Illustrator Who Paints (1923) Cornwell - 019