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William Rose
(1909 - )

If Rose had done nothing more than movie posters for RKO, he'd be remembered. His movie assignments were for some of Hollywood's most important pictures, from film noir to musicals to horror. Despite doing a poster for Citizen Kane, this didn't prevent William Randolph Hearst from hiring Rose to do Hearst's American Weekly. Rose often contributed a painting a week, usually dealing with the famous and infamous of screen and stage, but also tackling historical and romantic subjects. Also worked for Collier's, Today's Woman, This Week. Paperback covers for Avon, Cardinal Editions, Dell, Perma Books, Pocket Books, and Pyramid.

American Weekly, Anna Gould's Bitter Romance (1950) Rose - 001A

Cat People (1942) Rose - 002

American Weekly (???) Rose - 003A

Swing Time (1936) Rose - 004

American Weekly, The Hollywood Story, "Lon Chaney" (1950) Rose - 005

Collier's, "The War Wedding" (1944) Rose - 006

Collier's, "The War Wedding," second illustration (1944) Rose - 007

Out of the Past (1947) Rose - 008

Collier's, "Person To Person" (1945) Rose - 009

Nocturne (1946) Rose - 010

American Weekly, Gable Remembers Lombard (1951) Rose - 011

Citizen Kane (1941) Rose - 012

Sofskin, "The Secret's Out!" (1946) Rose - 013

Cosmopolitan, "Zigfield Girls" (1936) Artist - 014