Ellen Segner,E B Segner,Miss Sunbeam, Little Miss Sunbeam Ellen Segner,E B Segner,Miss Sunbeam, Little Miss Sunbeam

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E B Segner /
Ellen Barbara Segner
(?? - 2001)

One of the few female pin-up and glamour artists. Her women are out-going and outdoorsie, involved in the type of activities most artists reserved for men, from skiing to shooting. Still, despite her ability with sporting gals, she's best remembered for two children-centered icons: Little Miss Sunbeam (the spokesgirl for Quality Bakers' Sunbeam bread) and the Dick and Jane school readers. Other Children's books: God Gave Me Eyes, Children's Prayers, The Little White House, The Wild Dog of Edmonton. Calendar work for the Thomas D Murphy company.

Sunbeam Bread, Thanksgiving Theme (19??) Segner - 001A

Liberty (1937) Segner - 002

Sunbeam, "Quality" (19??) Segner - 003A

Fruit Label (1930s) Segner - 004A

Sunbeam, Autumn Theme (19??) Segner - 005A

Sunbeam, "Couldn't Be Fresher" (19??) Segner - 006A

Raleigh Cigarettes (1930s) Segner - 007A

Skimming the Snow (1940s) Segner - 008

This Week (1937) Segner - 009

Story art (1930s) Segner - 010A
NOTE: Since we don't know when or where this painting was used, we can only guess at why Segner originally had a background of a ship at sea with a woman wearing a blue skirt (see left and bottom) but then switched it to a fetching commie red head holding a blonde baby.

Liberty (1937) Segner - 011

Sunbeam, Joyful Fourth (19??) Segner - 012A

Sunbeam (19??) Segner - 013A

Good Looking (1940s) Segner - 014

Sunbeam (19??) Segner - 015A

Sunbeam (19??) Segner - 016A

Sunbeam (19??) Segner - 017A

Photo from Quality Bakers of America (19??) Segner - 018
NOTE: a press release (undated) states that Segner is posing with the current model for Miss Sunbeam, six-year-old Donna Kay Ericksen of Champaign, Illinois.