Rose O'Neill Rose O'Neill

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Rose O'Neill
(1875 - 1944)

Best-known for her Kewpies, which appeared in several magazines and spawned a whole host of merchandising from dolls, figurines, books, stationery and a musical (from which Rose of Washington Square originates). Self-taught, she was a professional artist by 19, working first for Puck (700 + pieces), then Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Journal, Life, Harper's, McClure's. Ad work included Jell-o, Kellogg’s, Oxydol, Rock Island, Edison Victrolas. The book, Kewpies Dolls & Art With Value Guide was in print as of 2002.

Jell-o ad, "What Mama Said" (1919) ONeill - 001

Ladies' Home Journal,Christmas (1927) ONeill - 002

Rock Island Railroad, Spend a Summer Christmas (1910) ONeill - 003

Puck's, September Cover (1904) ONeill - 004

Whiting's Kewpie Papers (1914) ONeill - 005

Sunday Magazine (1908) ONeill - 006