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Boris Artzybasheff
(1899 - 1965)

Fought with anti-communist White Russians before immigrating to US (he spoke no English and arrived with 14 cents). A chameleon, able to adapt different styles, from children's books to portraits. Renowned for his ability to turn machines into living beings (and living beings into who-knows-what). Advisor to the Psychological Warfare branch during WW II. A profuse illustrator for the majors: Life, Fortune, and Time (producing 200+ covers for the last). Illustrated 50 books, including those he wrote himself, notably "As I See." Plentiful ad work for Xerox, Shell Oil, Pan Am, Casco Power Tools, Alcoa Steamship lines, Parke Davis, Avco Manufacturing, Scotch Tape, Wickwire Spencer Steele, Vultee Aircraft, World Airways, and Parker Pens. Mechanics Illustrated profiled him with a cover story in 1954, "When Machines Come to Life."

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Infantilisim (1950s) - Artzybasheff 001A

Parker Pen (1944) - Artzybasheff 002

Skeleton Hand and Skull Silhouette (19??) - Artzybasheff 003A

Judge cartoon (1923) - Artzybasheff 004

Arrested Development (1950s) - Artzybasheff 005A

Shell Oil (1951) - Artzybasheff 006

Funnybone Alley (1927) - Artzybasheff 007

Parke, Davis, "Disturbing Emotions" (1954) - Artzybasheff 008

Life (1932) - Artzybasheff 009

Alcoa (1948) - Artzybasheff 010

Time, "Skindiving" (1960) - Artzybasheff 011

Life, "Improved Design for Modern Man" (19??) - Artzybasheff 012

Esquire, "Cybernetics" (1952) - Artzybasheff 013

Casco (1946) - Artzybasheff 014

As I See (1954) - Artzybasheff 015

As I See, "Exploration of Space" and
"Origin of the Flying Saucers" (1954) - Artzybasheff 016

Life, "Modern War Machines" (1941) - Artzybasheff 017

Ajax and Aero, "I Am Always Waiting" (1943) Artzybasheff - 018

Vultee, "Hitler Came The Closest..." (1943) Artzybasheff - 019

Mechanix Illustrated, cove story (1954) Artzybasheff - 020