Edwin Georgi Edwin Georgi

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Edwin Georgi
(1896 - 1964)

A leader in the second wave of "pretty-girl" artists: more like pin-ups without actually being pin-ups. Largely self-taught, learning his way up in ad and art agencies. A pilot in WWI. Style ranged from simple, posteresque lines and colors to his more famous pointillist pieces with boldly directed light, a unique use of warm shadows, and sparkling colors. Ads for Webster Cigars, Woodbury, Ford Mercury, Crane paper, Yardley, The Italian Line. In-demand illustrator for Goldenbook Magazine, Fortune, Redbook, Woman's Home Companion, Cosmo, True, Esquire, Ladies' Home Journal,Saturday Evening Post, American Girl, Liberty.

Redbook, "Old Miguel's Girl" (1956) Georgi - 001A

Study with Music (c1951) Georgi - 002A
NOTE: Georgi was also a recorded song writer. On the reverse of this study was some music and lyrics he jotted down. The study appears to be for Redbook, "Narrow Margin."

Woman's Home Companion, "The Bright Look" (1946) Georgi - 003A

Redbook, "Fiesta of Love" (1957) Georgi - 004A

Blonde with Ring (year painted is not known, but appeared in Arpi Ermoyan's Famous American Illustrators, 1997) Georgi - 005A

Study (19??) Georgi - 006A

Saturday Evening Post, "Always Young and Fair" (1945) Georgi - 007A

Study (19??) Georgi - 008A

Prelimiary, Heinz Spaghetti (c.1930) Georgi - 009A

Purpose unknown, though a Mumm's Champagne bottle is in foreground (19??) Georgi - 010A

Story art (19??) Georgi - 011A

Boat Fire (19??) Georgi - 012A

Saturday Evening Post, "Double Jeapordy" (1958) Georgi - 013A

Saturday Evening Post, "The Flashy Type" (1958) Georgi - 014

Brunette (19??) Georgi - 015A

Woman's Home Companion, "2 O'Clock Tomorrow" (1942) Georgi - 016

Study (19??) Georgi - 017A

Woman's Home Companion, "Outline for an Evening" (1936) Georgi - 018

American Magazine, The Moon Hunt (1946) Georgi - 019A

Color Study (19??) Georgi - 020A

Cosmopolitan, "Libby" (19??) Georgi - 021A

Prelimiary (1940s) Georgi - 022A

Saturday Evening Post, Story Art (1957) Georgi - 023A

Prelimiary, showing notes for "The Teardrop Setting" (1947) Georgi - 024A

Woman's Home Companion "Murder for Millions" (1947) Georgi - 025

Study in Pearls (19??) Georgi - 026A