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Morgan Dennis

(1892 - 1960)

Capable of capturing wild life and nature, people and places, his name remains synonymous with pups, mutts, and pures (even his house boat was called "The Sea Dog"). Illustrated Everybody's Dog Book, Crazy Dog, The Little Puppy Who Learned to Behave Book, Hans: A Dog of the Border Patrol, Yipe (The Story of a Farm Dog), Gypsy Lad: The Story of a Champion Setter, Pure Breeds, Ranger - A Dog of the Forest Service, A Friend in the Dark (about a seeing-eye dog), Lost Dog Jerry, Scalawag- The Story Of A Little Dog, Every Dog Has His Day. Dennis did give time to dog's opposite number, the feline in The Cat That Went to College and Kitten On The Keys (which he also wrote). Most famous tome which he also wrote is The Morgan Dennis Dog Book (With Some Special Cats). Whitman published "Twelve Famous Dog Studies by Morgan Dennis for Framing" (1930); mural at the Sheraton Russell Hotel bar, New York. Plenty of ad work (for dog food, naturally), but most famously for the Black and White Scotch company (a campaign which used a different artist, but also featured the Black and White Scotties, appeared in the UK during the same years).

There ain't no such animal! (1940s) Morgan - 001A

Pard, "The Long and Short of It is..." (1944) Morgan - 002

Black and White Scotch, "What could be nicer at Christmas?" (1949) Morgan - 003

The Morgan Dennis Dog Book (with some special cats), Irish Setter, pencil and chalk (1946) Morgan - 004A

Every Dog Has His Day (1941) Morgan - 005

Pard, "You Can See With Half An Eye..." (1944) Morgan - 006

Black and White Scotch (1941, 1943) Morgan - 007

Pard, "As Good As It Looks..." (1944) Morgan - 008

Pard (1943, 1944) Morgan - 009

Black and White Scotch (1941, 1943) Morgan - 010

Pard (1943, 1944) Morgan - 011

Ladies' Home Journal, "Ever Dog Has His Say" (1947) Morgan - 012