Elizabeth Shippen Green Elizabeth Shippen Green

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Elizabeth Shippen Green (Elliot)
(1871 - 1954)

Howard Pyle and Thomas Eakins' student. One of the Red Rose Girls with her fellow-artists and housemates, Jessie Willcox Smith and Violet Oakley (their house was named "The Red Rose Inn"). Collaborated with Smith on The Book of the Child and Oakley on Evangeline. Early assignments on St. Nicholas and The Saturday Evening Post before starting a 23-year contract with Harper's Magazine. In later years, she would add her husband's name to her signature; they also collaborated.

Ivory Soap Ad (1919) Green, ES - 001

The Thousand Quilt (1900) Green, ES - 002

Elgin, Santa Claus Receives his Christmas Gift (1926) Green, ES - 003

Story art, "If it is a question of youth, Mr. Deane, why, drink to us only with thine eyes." (1900) Green, ES - 004

Harper's, The Mind of a Child (1906) Green, ES - 005