ZoŽ Mozert, Zoe Mozert ZoŽ Mozert, Zoe Mozert

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Zoë Mozert, Zoe Mozert
(1907 - 1993)

Pastel master, one of the few female glamour/pin-up artists and arguably the most famous. Studied under Thornton Oakley and paid her tuition by modeling; she was so pretty that when she turned pro, she often used herself as her model. In New York from 1932, she spent the next years turning out hundreds of covers, mostly for movie mags and pulps: True Story, Paris Nights, Romantic Movie Stories, Screen Book, and most notably, True Confessions, the title of which was used for a Carole Lombard film (Mozert supplied artwork for the movie). She also contributed covers to Hearst's American Weekly. Ads for Cole of California, Wing Cigarettes, Irresistible Beauty Aids, Raleigh Cigarettes. She became one of Brown and Bigelow's most popular calendar artists during the 40s and 50s. Signed some early work "A Mozert," a holdover from her original name, Adelaide Moser.

Mink and Rose (19??) Mozert - 001A

True Confessions (1939) Mozert - 002

Refill? (1940s) Mozert - 003A

Love Revels (1934) Mozert - 004

How's This? (19??) Mozert - 005

Irresistible Beatuy Aids (1930s) Mozert - 006

Raliegh Cigarettes (1930s) Mozert - 007

Cole of California (1944) Mozert - 008

Sun-Tanned Sue (19??) Mozert - 009

American Weekly, "Amiability" (1936) Mozert - 010

American Weekly, "Debutante" (1936) Mozert - 011