Hans Flato Hans Flato

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Hans Flato
(23 Oct 1887 - 6 Sep 1950)

Born in Germany, immigrated to US in 1910. Art Deco period ads and movie posters in the 30s (Blonde Venus, Devil is a Woman, the Scarlet Empress, Angel, all Dietrich films). Ads for Norform, Van Heusen, Fashion Publicity Company, Bauman Clothing. Magazine work for Harper's Bazaar and Woman's Home Companion. A versatile artist capable of lush realism or cartoonish fun. Died in Los Angeles.

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From the collection of James Nobel (1933) Flato - 001

Der Blaüe Engel (The Blue Angel) (1933) Flato - 002

Saraka "for under-worked intestines" (1941) Flato - 003

Palm Beach Suits (1935) Flato - 004

Bauman Clothing, Wearpledge Boy's Suits and Overcoats (1919) Flato - 005

Fashion Publicity Company, "Of course Madame Wants the Boots to Match?" (1919) Flato - 006

Noel Coward's "Bitter Sweet" (1933) Flato - 007

Merchandise Mart, "Kindly Be Cool" (1935) Flato - 008

Palm Beach Suits (1920) Flato - 009

Desire (1936) Flato - 010