Norman Mingo Norman Mingo

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Norman Mingo
(1896 - 1980)

Versatile artist working in everything from comic strips to paperback covers for Pocket Books to sexy pin-ups for men's magazines, as well as story art for American Weekly, Ladies' Home Journal, Pictorial Review. He even did Paper Dolls (Deanna Durbin). Made his biggest splash after he had virtually retired, creating the image of Alfred E. Neuman for MAD Magazine. Handled the majority of MAD covers for nearly 20 years.

Mad Magazine (1964) Mingo - 001
NOTE: fellow illustrator James Bama did several Aurora model kit boxes in the early 60s featuring Universal Studio's famous monsters.
Mingo parodies Bama and Aurora by giving the Man-Made Monster a hobby: putting together his own little "What Me Worry?" man.

Ladies' Home Journal, Jeremiah and the Princess,
"The Princess' wide-opened eyes were luminous with a curious mixture of emotions" (1932) Mingo - 002

Pictorial Review (1933) Mingo - 003

Mennen, "I like the Air about You" (1947) Mingo - 004

American Weekly, "The Luck of George White" (1947) Mingo - 05

Mad Magazine (1957) Mingo - 006
NOTE: This wrap-around cover was an illustration tour-de-force as Mingo has numerous MAD-ison Avenue icons wish Alfred E. Newman a Happy Anniversary.
Amoung the artist emulated are Haddon Sundblom, Neysa McMein, Rea Irvin, Albert Staehle, Morgan Dennis, E A Wilson