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Bob Peak
(1928 - 1992)

If Herbert Paus was the "Robert Peak of his age," who was Robert Peak? A master of colors, draftsmanship, texture, and design with a style and command that sold products. Ad and promotional work for US Postal Service, French Lines, Samsonite, Puritan Sportswear, 7-up, TWA, Ford; story and cover art for most major "slicks," e.g. Sports Illustrated, TV Guide, and Time (over 40 covers). 100+ movie posters: West Side Story, Modesty Blaise, Camelot, Star Trek the Motion Picture, The Missouri Breaks, The Spy Who Loved Me, Superman, My Fair Lady, Apocalypse Now, Excaliber, Any Which Way But Loose, Our Man Flint. Also provided original art for Varese Sarabande CDs, notably John William's "The Cowboys" and Bernard Herrmann "The Concert Suites." His son, Matthew Peak, carries on the artistic tradition (see entries end of page).

Southern Pacific (Time, 19 Sep 1951) Peak, R - 001A

Marlboro Cigarettes (19??) Peak, R - 002A

Marlboro Lights (1972) Peak, R - 003

7-Up, "Get Real Action" (1964) Peak, R - 004

Cosmopolitan, "Just for Laughs" (1965) Peak, R - 005

My Fair Lady (1964) Peak, R - 006

McCall's, "Mornings at 7:45" (1956) Peak, R - 007

Bernard Herrmann, "Concert Suites" (1989) Peak, R - 008

Every Which Way But Loose poster (1979) Peak, R - 009

French Line "Maiden Voyage of a New Idea" (1961) Peak, R - 010

Puritan ads (1962, 1967) Peak, R - 011

Ford Comet "First of the Compact Cars" (1960) Peak, R - 012

Los Angeles Olympics art, one of dozens Peak painted for the event, (1984) Peak, R - 013

Gas, "Look what Gas is doing now!" (1959) Peak, R - 014

Cosmopolitan, "Them" (1970) Peak, R - 015

Star Trek V, The Final Frontier (1989) Peak, R - 016

Mathew Peak

Bernard Herrmann, 7th Voyage of Sinbad; Peak, M - 001

Jerry Goldsmith, Frontiers; Peak, M - 002

Alan Silvestri, Voyages; Peak, M - 003

John Barry, Body Heat; Peak, M - 004