Howard Pyle Howard Pyle

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Howard Pyle
(1853 - 1911)

Someone should do a six-degress of separation for Howard Pyle; his influence touched so many artists, often through direct teaching: Alice Barber Stevens, N C Wyeth, Elizabeth Shippen Green, Maxfield Parrish, Ethel Franklin Betts, Jessie Willcox Smith, Harvey Dunn, Violet Oakley,
Sarah Stilwell Weber, Thornton Oakley, Frank Schoonover; it's amazing, he stands as one of the fathers of American Illustration and a first Golden Age Artist, lending his skills to book (Lady of Shalott, Adventures of Robin Hood, several Arthurian legend books) and magazine (St. Nicholas, Harper's) work, especially in color, for a rapidly maturing print industry. The Brandywine Conservancy and the Delaware Art Museum house
over 100 of his works.

Estercel, "Eileen Slipped the Ring into the Nest" (1904) Pyle,H - 001

Eden's Gate, "I Knelt by the Whispering, Muttering Old Man" (1905) Pyle,H - 002

Mark Twain's Joan of Ark, "The Triumphal Entry into Rheims" (1904) Pyle,H - 003

Harper's: The Noble Family of Beaupertuys, "The King Glared Down at Her" (1907) Pyle,H - 004

Harper's; By Land and Sea, "In the Wood Carver's Shop" (1895) Pyle,H - 005

Scribner's "A Pastoral Without Words" (1890) Pyle,H - 006