Walter De Maris Walter De Maris

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Walter De Maris
(1877 - 1947)

Brandywine artist, mostly in the humorous vain, for Life and Judge or Saturday Evening Post, but also deadly serious for WWI posters. Also calendar and cover art for such dry journals (but not dry artwork!) as American Bankers Association Journal.

Girl With Easter Lillies (19??) De Maris - 001A

Judge, "Would You Mind Keeping An Eye On Millicent While
I Do A Little Christmas Shopping?" (19??) De Maris - 002

Life, "The Autocrat Of The Breakfast Table" (1911) De Maris - 003

Life, "The Bolshevik Number" (1919) Artist - 004

Life, "Waiting At The Stage Door" (1919) Artist - 005

Post Toasties (1922) De Maris - 006

Woman's Home Companion (1917) De Maris - 007

American Banker's Association Journal (1928) De Maris - 008

Hubby, "Do You Realize That When Your Are 75
You Will Have Spent 25 Years In Bed?"
Wifey, "Then An Extra Hour Or Two Won't Matter."
(19??) De Maris - 009

Judge, "Stumped." (1913) De Maris - 010

"I Find The Only Way To Keep Servants Is To Treat Them As Our Equals."
"But My Dear, Aren't You Rather Ambitious?"
(1920) De Maris - 011

Calendar Top (19??) De Maris - 012

Life, "Here Comes The Plate..." (1919) De Maris - 013

Life, "If Ye Break Faith... (1919) De Maris - 014

Saturday Evening Post, "Murders And Calories" (19??) De Maris - 015

Judge, "The Northern Spinster..." (1920) De Maris - 016

Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition (19??) De Maris - 017