Penrhyn Stanlaws Penrhyn Stanlaws

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Penrhyn Stanlaws
(Penrhyn Stanley Adamson)
(1877 - 1957)

.In demand "pretty woman" painter, starting in a humorous vain (1901's College Girls, Judge), then branching into cover art, notably for the Saturday Evening Post, 1913 to 1935, his last covers paying tribute to the fade-away effect. Also covers and stories for Metropolitan, The New Movie, Ladies' Home Journal, Heart's International, and Associated Sunday Magazine. Built Hotel des Artistes in New York (still there) where artists lived and worked (e.g. Howard Chandler Christy whose murals decorate the restaurant). One of the few commercial artists involved in motion picture making, directing Silents during the 20s.

Sunday Magazine (1912) Stanlaws - 001

Sunday Magazine (1912) Stanlaws - 002

Lucky Strike (1933) Stanlaws - 003

Hearst's (1917) Stanlaws - 004

Judge, Corsica and Copenhagen (early 1900s) Stanlaws - 005

Veterans of Foreign Wars (1937) Stanlaws - 006

Saturday Evening Post (1915) Stanlaws - 007

Sunday Magazine (1913) Stanlaws - 008

Pippins and Peaches (1910) Stanlaws - 009

This Week (1936) Stanlaws - 010

Ladies' Home Journal (1924) Stanlaws - 011