F Luis Mora, Francis Luis Mora F Luis Mora, Francis Luis Mora

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F Luis Mora
Francis Luis Mora
(1874 - 1940)

Born Uruguay. Parents moved to the USA when the boy was young. His father was a sculptor who shaped Mora's early art training. Becoming an illustrator in the late 1800s, Mora handled illustration assignments for major magazine titles: Collier's, Sunday Magazine, Ladies' Home Journal, Century, Harper's, as well as books. Comfortable in any medium, from watercolor to oil to pencils, in any size from miniatures to murals. His portrait of President Harding is displayed in the White House.

Renaissance (date unknown) Mora - 001A

Sleeping Child (1920) Mora - 002A

Steinway, "Ruinstein Plays For The Czar" (1919) Mora - 003

Redcross Magazine, "A Painter's Tribute to France" (1919) Mora - 004

Free Milk For France (1918) Mora - 005