Haddon Sundblom
(1899 - 1976)

Created three corporate icons: Aunt Jemima mammy, Quaker Oats Quaker, and the Coca-Cola Santa, ubiquitous for that company for decades (the book to get, "Haddon Sundblom's Advertising Paintings for Christmas, 1931-1964). Also created the tag line, "The Pause that Refreshes." Other ads for Wine Advisory Board, Maxwell House, Palmolive Soap, Colgate Toothpaste, and a long series for Cashmere Bouquet. Considered a father of pin-up, he taught or influenced Elvgren, Buell, D'Ancona, Frahm, Sarnoff, Al Moore, and many others; his last hire was a Playboy Christmas cover. Friends and family with more information this artist, please contact me (thomasc@nowtranslations.com). Thanks!

Coke, "For Santa." (1950) Sundblom - 001

Cashmere Bouquet, "This exciting bouquet." (1944) Sundblom - 002

Wyeth, "What's wrong witht his picture of Nurse Bradley?" (1945) Sundblom - 003

Palmolive, "Natural Loveliness." (1926) Sundblom - 004

Aunt Jemima's, "The flavor secret..." (1955) Sundblom - 005