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Merlin Enabnit, Star-Spangled Girl (c. 1940s) Patriotic - 001

Henry Clive, American Weekly, "Give Through American Red Cross" (c. 1950) Patriotic - 002

Gill Elvgren, "It's Up To You" (1958) Patriotic - 003

Henry Clive, American Weekly, "The Colonial Miss" (1942) Patriotic - 004

Douglas Crockwell, GE (1942) Patriotic - 005

Douglas Crockwell, National Advertisers (1943) Patriotic - 006

Dean Cornwell, Pennsylvania Railroad,
"The Land Of Plenty" (1944) Patriotic - 007

Norman Rockwell, The Literary Digest (1921) Patriotic - 008

Harrison Fisher (1918) Patriotic - 009

J L G Ferris, Ladies' Home Journal,
"John Paul Jones At The Constitutional Convention (1918) Patriotic - 010

Norman Price, St. Nichols (1918) Patriotic - 011