Mulsified, Will Grefe, Coles Phillips, Earl Christy Mulsified, Will Grefe, Coles Phillips, Earl Christy

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Mulsified Cocoanut Oil Shampoo was made by R L Watkins of Cleveland Ohio. Initially, the firms ads consisted of painted photographs (as opposed to merely color-tinted photos), which were quite handsome. Coles Phillips was tapped to provide Watkins with actual illustrations, but Watkins soon switched back to photos.

When Watkins opted to for illustrations again, it chose story and fashion artist Will Grefe to supply pretty girl art: fresh-faced femmes with long, curly hair, usually red or brunette.

With Grefe temporarily retiring to Florida, other artists were hired to take his place, specifically Earl Christy, who provided both color and black and white work.

Anyone with information on the company, R L Watkins (dates of operation, what happened to it, how it started, etc.), I'd like to add that here, too, so please contact me.

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Mulsified, Will Grefé (1922) - 001

Mulsified, Will Grefé (1921) - 002

Mulsified, Will Grefé (1923) - 003

Mulsified, Will Grefé (1924) - 004

Mulsified, Will Grefé (1919) - 005

Mulsified, Will Grefé (1923) - 006

Mulsified, Will Grefé (1919) - 007

Mulsified, Will Grefé (1923) - 008

Mulsified, Will Grefé (1922) - 009

Mulsified, Will Grefé (1923) - 010

Mulsified, Will Grefé (1923) - 011

Mulsified, Earl Christy (1926) - 012

Mulsified, Earl Christy (1926) - 013

Mulsified, Earl Christy (1929) - 014

Mulsified, Earl Christy (1926) - 015

Mulsified, Earl Christy (1926) - 016

Mulsified, Earl Christy (192?) - 017

Mulsified, Earl Christy (192?) - 018

Mulsified, Raul Barre (1925) - 019

Mulsified, Raul Barre (1924) - 020

Mulsified, Coles Phillips (1921) - 021

Mulsified, Coles Phillips (1919) - 022