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Henry Clive
(1882 - 1960)

Born Henry O'Hara, Australia. Childhood spent on a sheep ranch outside Melbourne. He left, making his way as a magician. Came to Hollywood and acted in silent films. Early 1920's, began painting Ziegfeld Girls, then big stars (Gloria Swanson, Polga Negri) for promo campaigns (e.g. free lunch boxes for moviegoers). Was art director for Charlie Chaplin productions and even played a villain in City Lights. Pastels for the slicks True Confessions, Screen Play, Theatre and began doing American Weeklies for Hearst, an association that lasted from the '30s to the '50s. His pretty girl pastels also graced many a makeup tin and pencil box. He also did calendar girls. Ad work for Vivadou, Servel Refrigerators. One of the few illustrators not to stay married and tied the knot six times! Clive's paintings are prized by collectors, but are rare, as only a few are known to exist.

Special thanks to Dorothy Johnson for helping with our Clive research. Special thanks also to Cole Johnson for providing the photo of Clive below.

Pastel portrait (one of the rare ones that survive!): Dated 24 May 1952; Clive - 001A
NOTE: this was published a year before Clive Applied his signature and date as American Weekly 18 March 1951

Clive paints, Alice White poses (1933) Clive - 002
NOTE: while primarily a pastel artist, he, like Rolf Armstrong, usually posed with easal and brushes, as holding a short piece of colored chalk just didn't say "artist."

American Weekly, "North Africa" (1944) Clive - 003

American Weekly, "India" (1944) Clive - 004

Vivadou (1924) Clive - 005

American Weekly, "Strike" (1951) Clive - 006

Ziefeld Theatre, "Riorita" (1927) Clive - 007

American Weekly, "Summer Honey" (1940) Clive - 008

American Weekly, "Margie" (1949) Clive - 009

Ziefeld Presents, "A Pretty Girl..." (1919) Clive - 010

Smart Set (1925) Clive - 011

American Weekly, "Roger" (1951) Clive - 012

American Weekly, "Tunis" (1938) Clive - 013

American Weekly, "Hair-Do" (1940) Clive - 014

Vivadou (1923) Clive - 015

Calendar, "Beauty By The Sea" (1031) Clive - 016

American Weekly, "Rotterdam" (1938) Clive - 017

American Weekly, "Singapore" (1938) Clive - 018

Billy Rose's Jumbo (1935) Clive - 019

Vivadou (1923) Clive - 020

Foto, Clive at work (1950) Clive - 021

American Weekly, "Carmen" (1950) Clive - 022

Vivadou (1923) Clive - 023