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Bible Art

Welcome to the Bible pages. So many illustrators did Biblical (and extra-Biblical) themed pieces, depicting Bible stories, spiritual life in America, songs, and poems, that I couldn't resist dedicating a spot to this wealth of beautiful artwork.

Another artform helped to inspire me to make this page, the movies, namely
The Passion of the Christ.

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Herbert Paus, Into the Soul of America (1924) Bible - 001A

W T Benda, Hearst's International, "Armageddon" (1917) Bible - 002

J C Leyendecker, Christmas Hymn (1905) Bible - 003

Anton Otto Fischer, "In Extremis" (1940s) - 004
Scan and text are from Fischer's biography by his daughter, Katrina Sigsbee Fischer, "Anton Otto Fischer, Marine Artist," published in 1984

Caption: When A.O.F. showed this picture to Oswald Brett, he remarked "This painting was to show the tough nuts that, in the last extremity, they always get down to first principles ."

Walter Everett, "A Prayer for Peace" (1911) Bible - 005

Amos Sewell, Saturday Evening Post, "Christmas Sermon" (1948) Bible - 006

Ralph Pallen Coleman, The Way, The Truth, and the Life,
"Ruth Clave Unto Naomi" Ruth 1:16 (1958) Bible - 007

Frank Schoonover, Ladies' Home Journal
"Leading Them Back Home for Christmas" (1918) Bible - 008

Robert Maguire, "Church Entrance" Christmas Card (c1965) Bible - 009

Dean Cornwell, Christ's Feet Are Washed (1920s) Bible - 010

Arthur Rackham, Woman's Home Companion,
"To Bethlehem: A Christmas Masque" (1931) Bible - 011

Howard Chandler Christy, "For Thine is the Kindgom and the Power and the Glory Forever"
War Poster (c.1942) Bible - 012

H J Soulen, Ladies' Home Journal, "The Temple Area, Jerusalem" (1926) Bible - 013

Alex Ross, Good Housekeeping (1953) Bible - 014

Herbert Paus, The Delineator. "Pilate's Judgement" (1907) Bible - 015

Howard Chandler Christy, Sunday News, "Peace On Earth" (1948) Bible - 016

Harry Anderson, Woman's Home Companion (1949) Bible - 017

Dean Cornwell, American Weekly, "The Holy Land" (1947) Bible - 018

Ralph Pallen Coleman, The Way, The Truth, and the Life,
"The Lonely Christ" Matthew 21:17 (1958) Bible - 019

Mead Schaeffer, Saturday Evening Post, "Christmas" (1944) Bible - 020

Henry Clive, American Weekly, "Give - Blessed Are The Merciful" (1949) Bible - 021

Douglas Crockwell, Avondale Fabric (1948) Bible - 022

R G Harris, McCall's (1945) Bible - 023

Copping, Ladies' Home Journal, "Lord, Help" (1945) Bible - 024

Edwin Georgi, Woman's Home Companion (1935) Bible - 025

Harry Anderson, The 10 Commandments (19??) Bible - 026

Jerry Allison, 027John 1:14 (19??) Bible - 027
The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."

James Bingham, Coronet, "Christmas Eve" (1946) Bible - 028

Jon Whitcomb, Collier's, "Chamorro" (1944) Bible - 029